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About Us

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Company's goals, standards, objectives and spirit


Company goal: To create a good and good company and to serve the society with due diligence.
Company guidelines: Respect individuals, serve users, advocate hard work, and encourage beyond.
The company's purpose: pay attention to details to improve product quality, solid foundation management to enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness; people-oriented, encourage employees to learn, become talents and beyond; cost-based, promote comprehensive reform, improvement and innovation; Satisfied users, hard work. Company spirit: truth-seeking, innovation, and competition.



Qualification requirements of employees

Dedication and obedience: cherish the existing positions, be loyal to the duties, earnest and diligent, work hard, strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations and safe operating procedures, adhere to prevention; adhere to the law and not violate the rules, and consciously safeguard the company's interests.
Civilization and integrity: courtesy and tolerance, mutual respect, integrity first, trustworthiness, no hypocrisy.
Unity and cooperation: care for each other, help, support, obey the work of the enterprise, fully reflect the team spirit that understands and cherishes cooperation to achieve the corporate goals.
Quality-oriented: Conscientiously abide by the requirements of ISO9001 quality standards, and strictly control the quality of products, according to the drawings, according to the process, according to the standard process control, internal and external customers are treated equally, to meet user requirements.
Safety, environment and health: safety first, prevention first; care for the environment, actively participate in the creation and improvement of the environment; strengthen labor protection and ensure occupational health.


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