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Wuxi Quanshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuxi Wick Group Co., Ltd., established in February 2010 with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. Mainly engaged in casting, heat treatment, metal processing, etc., involving general machinery, agricultural machinery, medical machinery, textile manufacturing, food processing and other industries. The main customers include Hongyuan Technology, Weil Mining, Kobe Steel, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery, KONE Elevator, Hitachi, American Fox and ITT.   


Wuxi Quanshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 150 employees and has many outstanding talents in the fields of casting, heat treatment and metal processing. Among them, 7 senior engineers, senior technicians, 7 engineers, technicians and economists, assistant engineers and senior technicians. 24 people, another one of the city's labor model, the national May 1st Labor Medal, the company also established a model laboratories. Wuxi Quanshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. now has production center, technical quality department, sales department, finance department and office, casting business department, heat treatment business department and metal industry business department.


Foundry Division, with a production area of over 27,000 square meters. It has a 20t/h resin sand regeneration treatment system; it has 5t/h double and 3t/h medium frequency induction furnace melting system; it has 20r/h, 15t/h, 10t/h, 5t/h and so on. Sand machine; existing cranes of various specifications such as 20t, 10t; equipped with 10t, 3t and other shot blasting treatment systems and 2 sets of large-scale natural gas heat treatment furnaces and other post-processing equipment, and the earliest domestic use of Huazhu CAE casting process auxiliary simulation software One of the enterprises can realize high-quality cast iron parts with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons.


Heat treatment business unit, production area of more than 1080 square meters. There are nearly 20 sets of main equipments such as trolley electric furnace, box furnace, nitriding well furnace, ion nitriding furnace, tempering furnace and hydraulic press. The main equipment adopts industrial PLC centralized control, which can meet the requirements of normalizing, annealing and returning parts. The basic process requirements of fire, quenching and tempering, etc., can realize the heat treatment processing business with an annual output of more than 8 million yuan.


The Metalworking Division has a production area of over 3,960 square meters. The existing CNC vertical car, boring, planing, drilling, grinding and more than 20 sets of lathes of various sizes can undertake the cutting processing of all kinds of metal parts, and can realize the processing business with an annual output of more than 5 million yuan.



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